Banksy Wants to Raise Millions for British Healthcare and Auctions Artwork

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Mysterious artist Banksy comes to the rescue of British healthcare. He hopes to raise millions with the auction of his work, Game Changer, which depicts a nurse as a superhero.


The artwork was hung in a hospital in Southampton during the first wave of the corona pandemic, the BBC reports. It is a drawing of a boy playing with dolls.

The child leaves well-known heroes such as Batman and Spiderman in the corner and has a nurse with a fluttering cape and mouth mask.

Auction house Christie’s describes Game Changer as a “personal tribute” to the heroes of the pandemic. This refers to the employees of the British NHS health service. The artwork is estimated to be worth between £ 2.5 million and £ 3.5 million. That is converted 2.9 million euros to approximately 4 million euros.

The anonymous artist had also sent a note when the work was first shown in the hospital. “Thank you for everything you do.

I hope this brightens up the building a bit, even though it is black and white.” According to the British broadcaster, the hospital is now submitting the original for auction and is hanging a replica.

The auction is scheduled for March 23.



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