Prime Minister Israel Has Lost the Majority in Parliament

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lost the majority that his current coalition has in parliament.


In the parliament elected on Tuesday, that coalition still has 59 of the 120 seats, reports The Jerusalem Post based on the electoral college.

All votes have been counted, and the seat numbers are known, but the official result will not be announced until Friday. Netanyahu leads the largest party, the right-wing Likud, with 30 seats, but it is becoming very difficult to gain a majority even with the allies.

A party of Israeli-national Palestinians could theoretically help fix the majority, but that’s unthinkable, according to Israeli media, because Netanyahu’s far-right religious allies don’t like Arab Israelis.

Tuesday’s ballot was the fourth in two years due to fragmented politics and the resulting ramshackle government coalitions that ended in an early ballot. But Netanyahu has managed to become prime minister of a coalition six times in the past quarter-century.

If the formation of a coalition government fails, the country may have to vote again this fall. A stable coalition can lead the country to the next elections for four years.



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