LinkedIn Confirms the Data Breach But Covers Itself

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In a short message, LinkedIn confirms that its members’ data are circulating online, but like Facebook, it points to the scrapers who violate the terms of use.


LinkedIn says it is aggregated data, consisting of publicly visible member data scraped from LinkedIn. There is no question of a hack or the leakage of private data, the company says.

The corporate social medium insists that data scraping violates LinkedIn’s terms. Doing so uses the same approach as Facebook: emphasizing that no technical errors have been made but that others have broken the medium’s rules.

We must understand the nuance that LinkedIn (as far as we currently know) is only about everyone’s public information. With Facebook, it was information that, in theory, was only visible to friends.

Even if that is only part of the story, it is not clear whether LinkedIn took adequate steps to combat scraping. For example, it could choose to make more data only visible to members.

At that time, it is also better to check when very many profiles are (automatically) requested from specific accounts to prevent such scraping.



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