German Greens Lose Lead Towards Elections

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According to the latest poll commissioned by the German broadcaster ARD, the German Greens will not be the largest party in the elections in September.


Last month, the left-wing environmental party was still number one for the first time. But the popularity of the Greens is starting to evaporate, German media report. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats regained their traditional lead.

The Greens drop from 26 to 20 percent, the bloc of CDU and sister party CSU goes from 23 to 28 percent. The news comes on the eve of the three-day party congress of the Greens. A few months ago, they put forward their own chancellor candidate for the first time, 40-year-old Annalena Baerbock.

A month ago, the media called the Greens’ success a slap in the face for then-new Christian Democrat chancellor candidate Armin Laschet.

This intended successor to Merkel, who will retire after 16 years, struggled to continue his candidacy after an unsavory power struggle. Laschet is now the most popular candidate in the latest poll; Baerbock lost heavily.



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