Large Fire Near London Elephant and Castle Tube Station, Train Traffic is Interrupted

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A fire has broken out near Elephant and Castle tube station in south London. Metro traffic has been interrupted, and the station and surrounding streets have been evacuated. The cause of the fire and any casualties are not yet clear.


Footage has emerged on social media of a large column of smoke and flames near Elephant and Castle tube station in south London. One of those images shows an explosion. A number of shops in the station are said to have burned down and, according to the fire service, six cars in the area were also destroyed by flames.

The fire brigade is on the scene en masse, and the station and the surrounding area have been evacuated. Metro traffic on the line has also been interrupted. According to the latest announcement from the London Fire Brigade, the fire is said to be under control.

Residents are still required to keep windows and doors closed to prevent potentially toxic smoke. It is not immediately thought of as an act of terrorism. The fire may have started in a few garages nearby.

It is not yet clear whether there have been any casualties or injuries. Elephant and Castle is a major hub for the Northern and Bakerloo underground lines and rail links to England’s southeast. The delays on the railways and the metro lines would certainly last until late tonight.



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