Demonstrations in France Against the Introduction of the Corona Pass

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In several cities in France, people have taken to the streets on the national holiday Quatorze Juillet to demonstrate against the corona pass. In Paris, police fired tear gas at Place de Clichy in the city’s northwest, French media reported.


Security forces tried to disperse the hundreds of demonstrators. Demonstrations were also held in Avignon in the south of the country, among others.

The so-called sanitary pass will be mandatory in France from 21 July for adults when visiting major events and cultural institutions and from August also in cafes and restaurants, it was announced on Monday. The pass indicates that someone has been vaccinated, recently tested or already had Covid-19. However, many French have serious objections to this.

Opposition to vaccination is greater than in most other European countries. Moreover, the obligation for healthcare staff to be vaccinated has not always gone well.

Earlier in the day, a military parade was held in Paris in which President Emmanuel Macron was driven down the Champs-Élysées in a military vehicle. The parade was cancelled last year due to the corona crisis. This year there were plenty of restrictions. About 5000 soldiers took part in the parade. Special attention was paid to the international forces in Mali and other countries in the Sahel region.

Every year, a lot of destruction is done around the commemoration of the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. This year 294 cars were set on fire, of which 78 in Paris. Last year there were 35 percent more.



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