Hungary to Hold Referendum on LGBTI Law by Early 2022

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Hungary will hold a referendum on the controversial LGBTI law late this year or early next year, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief of staff said.


This law should protect young people in education and the media from information about homosexuality and gender surgery.

Orbán announced the referendum on Wednesday after much criticism of the state of affairs in Hungary. The law was passed by parliament a month ago and has been in effect since June 24.

The government speaks of a “child protection law”, but critics say it is discriminatory. The European Commission has launched legal proceedings against Hungary because of the legislation.

It is not yet clear when the referendum will take place. That will happen according to the current schedule before the parliamentary elections in the country. Hungarians elect new MPs in early April. Current Prime Minister Orbán has been in power since 2010.



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