Number of Elephants and Giraffes in Kenya Increased

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The National Wildlife Census in Kenya has shown that both elephant and giraffe numbers have increased in the country. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has announced this.


In total, 36,169 elephants were counted – 12 percent more than in 2014 – and 34,240 giraffes – an increase of 49 percent in three years. In recent years, the number of rhinoceroses, lions, Grevy’s zebras and hirolas (a type of antelope) has also increased.

The KWS first conducted a nationwide census in May that lasted three months. The aim was to map all terrestrial and marine mammals, bird species and endangered primates living in Kenya. One hundred workers set out to register thirty species.

For example, 63 humpback whales, two blue whales, 29 white sharks and 11 rays were counted in Kenyan waters.

The Kenyan government had ordered the census to evaluate the effectiveness of measures to protect the species.



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