Cabinet Allocates 13.5 Million Euros Extra for Emergency Aid to Afghanistan

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The cabinet is making an additional 13.5 million euros available for emergency aid to Afghanistan. 3.5 million of this is intended for aid to Afghans who have fled to neighbouring countries. About five million Afghans are sheltered there.


Outgoing minister Tom de Bruijn (Development Cooperation) announced the contribution during an international donor conference of the United Nations for aid to Afghanistan. “Human suffering in the country is great and growing. The population now needs our help,” said the minister.

The money will be spent in Afghanistan on things like clean drinking water, food and medical care. But according to De Bruijn, action will soon be needed to raise money for health care and education in Afghanistan.

In total, the international community has pledged almost EUR 850,000 million in aid to Afghanistan.

“This conference fully meets my expectations of solidarity with the people of Afghanistan,” said UN chief Antonio Guterres. He could not say how much money of the 850,000 million euros is earmarked for emergency aid that the UN plans to provide in Afghanistan in the coming months.

Barely a month after the Taliban seized power in the country, Afghanistan is in a humanitarian crisis that is worsening. According to calculations by the UN, the country needs about 510 million euros by the end of this year.

Guterres warned at the conference that many people could run out of food by the end of the month. He also said it is necessary to engage in dialogue with the Taliban. “It is impossible to provide humanitarian aid in Afghanistan without talking to the de facto authorities in the country.”



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