5 Measures That can be Taken During Homeschooling to Avoid Effects of COVID-19

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The concept of Homeschooling is ancient, and everyone is familiar with this and knows about (EHE), Elective Home Education. How the procedure of Homeschooling works everyone is aware of that So what new in this article Yes that’s the point needs to be well understood.
Homeschooling Children due to COvid-19 is unexceptionally changing our approach to this education system, and mind of the parents has started overthinking and generating new ideas, but none of them satisfies their concern.
As in the modern day of smartphone or technological world, technology is playing a vital role in schools education. Instead of using a whiteboard to explain and educate children, LCD is used, and animated educational documentaries are played to give kids practical viewpoints. This made experts believe that innovations teachers use during the outbreak may lead to lasting changes.
As e-learning advanced here, e-learning means free and fun digital education for all children around the globe old education system must not be ignored that still have 1000’s benefits which no one can disagree with.

5 Points need to be very clear in every mind which is preferring Homeschooling, and these are:

1. 1st we need to understand digital technologies are increasingly being used to deliver lessons to children at home, and in this corona affected education system, it is a blessing in disguise. So we should open-heartedly accept this digital technology and, in our prayers, say thanks to God for this safe option for our kids bright future.

2. In the US, according to reputable sources, it is estimated that 1.7 million children were homeschooled, which shows an indelible effect of this corona pandemic on the education system that needs to be accepted.
After the Covid-19 outbreak, things are a little different. Like Around the glob platform of Microsoft and Google, the Conferencing App Zoom is playing a vital role in delivering lessons.

3. OECD is making an analysis report to sort out the answer to how technology is replacing face to face teaching tactics as physical schools are replaced by digital analogues, which is making OEDC conduct research and convince people through their campaigns for the safety of their mental health forget the destruction Covid-19 created and prioritise their mental health by accepting this change.

4. OECD research says digital sources have become the lifeline for education. Teachers and students should not waste their time, accept the change, and adapt the method of online teaching and learning.

5. Kids above age 12 in Homeschooling should take advantage of this technology by doing online free courses in the field they are interested in. There is a long list of sites offering free courses, so kids above 12 should take this initiative. Because the damage that Covid-19 has not done damage in the education sector, every industry in every part of the world is badly affected in well-developed countries.
Saving these kids from Kids is like saving our future, so kids above 12 need to be educated and appropriately guided and convinced to learn updated skills to play their part and save the world.



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