What is Cardamom and What can You Do with it?

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Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are not unfamiliar territories for most foodies, but there are also delicious ingredients that we too often ignore. A shame because often, these are the ingredients that can give your dish a surprising twist. Today we will tell you all about Cardamom. Because what is Cardamom, and what do you make with it?


What is Cardamom?

There is an excellent chance that you have eaten Cardamom without knowing it. The seasoning comes into its own in sweet and savoury dishes and hot and cold drinks. But what exactly is Cardamom? The spice is related to ginger and is mainly used in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. They are green pods containing black seeds that release the aromas. You will not only find the herb on the shelves on its own. It is used in many spice mixes, including garam masala and the biscuit spices so prevalent in our country.


What should you pay attention to when purchasing?

You can find Cardamom on the spice shelf of your supermarket or online, in both pod and ground form. For curries, stews and the like, it is best to choose the pods. However, if you are going to bake something delicious or add it to a drink, the ground form is better suited.


How does it taste?

Now that we’ve answered your question ‘What is cardamom?’, you are probably curious about what this spice tastes like. It is fresh with an undertone of eucalyptus. When used, a delicious, flowery taste is released. At least if you use the proper dosage. The herb quickly dominates, so don’t use too much. In an appropriate amount, however, Cardamom takes your dish to the next level.


How can you replace it?

It has such a distinct and unique taste that replacing it is not really an option.


What can you do with Cardamom?

What do you use Cardamom for? We already gave it away, but you can go in many directions with this spice. Add a bruised snow peas to your stew or curry, use a teaspoon in your carrot cake or other tasty baking. Are you looking for guaranteed success? Cardamom pairs wonderfully with sweet potato, apple, orange, pears and various legumes. Give it a try and see for yourself how delicious this ingredient is!



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