Europe: Pfizer Booster Vaccine Approved for All Adults

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Pfizer’s corona vaccine can be used as a third shot for healthy people and people with a weakened immune system. That is what the European Medicines Agency (EMA) decided today.


The agency has reviewed enough data to conclude that Pfizer causes an increase in antibodies when given to healthy people over the age of 18. That happens if they get the third shot at least six months after the second. The EMA prescribes a minimum period of six months between injections.

People with weakened immune systems already benefit from a third shot and can receive it a month after their second dose.

The third shot with Moderna’s vaccine is currently only allowed by the EMA for people with a weakened immune system. The agency is still investigating whether there is enough data also to allow this vaccine as a ‘booster’ for the healthy population.

The EMA’s decision means that Pfizer’s vaccine can be used to give the general public a booster dose if deemed necessary by the government. The governments of the Member States will have to consider this.

In our country, it was previously decided that residents of residential care centres, people with reduced immunity and all people over 65 can receive an extra vaccine dose. To date, about 150,000 people have already received the third dose.



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