Sensitive Data Streaming Platform Twitch is on the Street

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Twitch, a popular video game platform, has fallen victim to a data breach. Amazon’s subsidiary confirms that there has been a hack. The person responsible for the cyber attack would have put the source code for the platform online, among other things.


Twitch attracts a lot of viewers with videos of famous gamers playing video games. However, via Twitter, the company reports that it is still investigating the scope of the data breach.

According to the Video Games Chronicle site, 125 gigabytes of stolen data have been put online via messaging platform 4Chan. The person responsible, in his own words, would have wanted to cause more “disruption and competition” in an industry that is “a poisonous cesspool”, according to the professional medium.

The leaked data also includes the source code for the platform, i.e. the programmer-readable text on which software functions are based. Experts warn that this can be dangerous, as cybercriminals can look for vulnerabilities in those codes to exploit. “This opens a giant door for malicious parties to install malware and steal sensitive data,” said a spokesperson for cybersecurity firm Check Point Software Technologies.

In addition to the source code, information has also been leaked about famous gamers’ compensation for their videos. As a rule, they pocket a portion of Twitch’s advertising revenue.



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