The Translator Who Saved Biden Can Leave Afghanistan

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An Afghan translator who helped current President Joe Biden in 2008 has managed to escape the country with his family. That reports BBC.


“Aman Khalili and his family got out of Afghanistan safely and then also left Pakistan,” a US State Department representative confirmed to the BBC on Monday. “It was done with extensive help from senior officials in the US government, and we thank everyone else who has supported him along the way.”

It was Khalili who rescued President Joe Biden from a predicament thirteen years ago. Biden and fellow senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel were on the route by helicopter when a snowstorm forced them to land in an Afghan valley. The senators were very vulnerable to Taliban ambushes at the landing site, and Khalili and some other Afghan American employees relieved them by car.

Khalili, his wife and five children had been trying to get out of the country since August. Finally, he asked Biden for help himself. “I trust him,” Khalili told CNN. “I’m confident he can arrange everything.”

The Human First Coalition, an organization that has already escorted more than 200 Afghans to Pakistan, also helped the Khalili family. “We are very grateful for the US’s help in getting President Biden’s translator and his family to safety,” the organization said.



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