UK Study Shows Booster Vaccine Immensely Improves Protection Against Serious Illness in Over-50s

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The booster vaccines have a remarkably beneficial effect on our immunity against the coronavirus. This is according to a new British study.


The British government has already given the green light to give a booster vaccine to people over 50. A new study by the British Health Authority now shows that the decision has a very beneficial effect on the immunity of those people.

The booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine in people previously fully vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine achieves effective protection of 93.1 percent against the virus. For those who received two shots of Pfizer and then a booster vaccine, that is even 94 percent.

Our study provides evidence that we are significantly better protected against disease after infection with the virus with a booster vaccine. Therefore, the contrast is great with people who had not received a booster vaccine five months after their first two doses. There, protection fell to 44.1 percent (AstraZeneca) and 62 percent (Pfizer).

That the booster vaccine works has already been shown in Israel. The number of cases there fell immensely earlier this year due to the good vaccination campaign, but the delta variant caused an immense corona wave. Since the population has been given boosters, the situation has been completely brought under control.



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