Magdalena Andersson Re-Elected as Prime Minister of Sweden

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For the second time in a few days, Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson has been elected Prime Minister in Sweden. As with the first vote on Wednesday, she obtained the necessary support.


She passed with 173 votes against, 101 in favour and 75 abstentions. Andersson got the support of her Social Democrats and of an independent. The Greens abstained, as did the Left Party and the Center Party. In Sweden, a government is given the green light as long as an absolute majority of 175 elected representatives does not give confidence.

The former finance minister is expected to submit her government and her government statement to parliament on Tuesday. That same day, the minority government, made up of only Social Democrats, would then introduce itself to the king before work could officially start.

Parliamentary elections will be held in Sweden in September 2022. Until then, Andersson faces a difficult task. She needs support from opposition parties for any decision, and she needs to govern with the budget proposed by the Sweden Democrats, the Christian Democrats and the Conservatives. Her own budget proposal was rejected in parliament.

On Wednesday – less than eight hours after her (first) election to parliament as Sweden’s first female head of government – the 54-year-old Andersson submitted her resignation to parliament speaker Andreas NorlĂ©n.

After all, she had lost Greens’ support for her minority coalition when a budget proposal from three opposition parties was adopted. The proposal was submitted by, among others, the right-wing populist party Sweden Democrats. That was the reason for the Greens to withdraw support.




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