Green Light for German Traffic Light Coalition

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The Greens’ climate party was the last to agree to join the new governing coalition with the centre-left SPD and the liberal FDP after an internet vote among its 125,000 members.


More than 71,000 votes were cast, with more than 61,000 party members agreeing with government participation and the concluded coalition agreement. That is 86 percent of the number of votes cast.

With their approval in the consultation, the members of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen have given the final green light to the ‘traffic light coalition’, referring to the colours of the participating parties: red for the SPD, yellow for the FDP and green for the Greens…

The coalition agreement will be signed on Tuesday. On Wednesday, SPD leader Olaf Scholz is expected to be elected chancellor in the Bundestag. He and his cabinet of sixteen ministers, including eight women and eight men, are expected to be sworn in.

Scholz’s party, under Angela Merkel’s finance minister and deputy chancellor, was the big winner in September’s parliamentary elections, at the expense of the conservative CDU/CSU bloc led by chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. Fairly quickly, the FDP and the Greens agreed on the principles for a new government.

Scholz aims for a long-term collaboration, he said earlier. According to him, the new coalition aims “to cooperate in a friendly manner. And re-election.”



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