No Breakthrough At Summit With Russians About Ukraine Crisis

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There is also no breakthrough to report on the tensions surrounding Eastern European Ukraine at the latest summit. The West fears an invasion by neighbouring Russia, but Moscow says nothing is wrong.


The Russians demand security guarantees, such as an end to NATO’s eastward expansion.

After crisis deliberations between Russians and Americans in Geneva and between the Russians and NATO in Brussels, the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in Vienna was on the stage on Thursday. In a week of “intense diplomatic ballet,” observers report, it was the third attempt to resolve the conflict over Ukraine.

The OSCE stressed the “urgency” to relaunch the dialogue on security in Europe. “The situation in the region is difficult. However, it is imperative to find a way through diplomatic channels to stop the escalation and restore trust, transparency and cooperation,” said Secretary-General Helga Schmid.

The OSCE of 57 countries is considered the most significant security body globally, originating in the Cold War between Americans and the former Soviet Union. According to member state Poland, “it seems that the risk of war in the OSCE area has never been greater in the past 30 years. A major challenge for the organization that aims to ban war from Europe.”



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