BBC: Hacked Xinjiang Police Data Proves Prosecutions

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The BBC has released hacked data from Chinese police in Xinjiang, saying it is compelling evidence of the brutal persecution in that northwestern region.


They come from an activist group in Washington (Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation) that obtained tens of thousands of hacked photos and documents from the police in China’s Xinjiang region and passed them on to various media.

They illustrate the massive incarceration and persecution of the Muslim Uyghurs population and paint a picture of the chain of command that, according to the BBC, extends to President Xi Jinping himself.

The British broadcaster says it already received them earlier this year and has carried out months of research to verify whether they are authentic. They would indeed come from Chinese police computers and show a shocking picture of the persecution of Uyghurs and other non-ethnic Han Chinese groups in the northwest of the People’s Republic.

For example, Uyghurs are locked up en masse in ‘re-education camps’ and also in prisons.

The hacked data refutes the official account that the state has only set up schools and educational establishments there to prop up the region at the pace of the peoples. Police records include guard rosters, photos of detainees and instructions to shoot detainees attempting to flee.



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