New Tax Investigation into Abdicated Spanish King Juan Carlos I

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The abdicated Spanish King Juan Carlos I is being targeted again by the Spanish tax authorities, barely three months after other judicial investigations against him were dropped.


This time, the tax authorities want to know who paid for the hunting parties that took place after his abdication. The newspaper El Mundo reported this on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, the tax authorities have asked the former king to “prove the origin of the funds used to pay for his flights and other expenses”. All of these expenses are said to be related to hunting parties he participated in between 2014 and 2018. The amount examined currently does not exceed the threshold of 120,000 euros. Had it been the case, failure to declare such benefits in kind could constitute a tax offence.

Juan Carlos, I have been in exile in the United Arab Emirates for two years after allegations of embezzlement. Those three judicial investigations were closed in March this year, “for lack of incriminating evidence, the statute of limitations and the immunity” he enjoyed as head of state until his abdication in 2014. The dismissal of the three cases allowed Juan Carlos I. to visit Spain again last month for the first time in two years.

His son and current Spanish King Felipe IV have renounced his father and his legacy since he acceded to the throne in 2014. He also decided to withdraw his father’s annual allowance of nearly 200,000 euros. Juan Carlos I’s visit to Spain last month was also not to the liking of his son, who asked his father to cancel a second visit, which was scheduled for next weekend.

Felipe IV and the Spanish government also launched a “transparency operation” at the end of April for the royal family, requiring them to audit their accounts and make all contracts and donations public.



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